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This is the result of “root flipping,” where people repeatedly flip a lock through its root in the same direction. As you can see, it creates a giant gape in the lock and never does knot up new growth. This erroneous method is what gives “interlocking” (though I would not call root flipping interlocking) a bad reputation.

Proper interlocking is distinguished from root flipping because the lock is pulled the root at multiple angles to build an artificial matrix of knots. The multi-point pass does not result in the issues pictured above.

For more information about how to perform safe, effective interlocking and to learn whether this method is right for you, please click here.

– KJ

Hola, estuve viendo vuestro blog me aprece genial, soy de peru me hice dreads hace ya mas de medio año tengo 35 dreads , estube manteniendolos con crochet he oido que para enredar las raicez se hacen en forma de cruz (1-,2+) Pero me dijeron tambien que se deformaran, que metodo puedo usar ya que mi cabello es lacio

¡Hola chico!

Lo siento si mi español no está muy bien.

Pienso que usted quiere arreglar los raicez más “locked” como sus dreads, ¿verdad?

También pienso que el metodo que le deformera a sus dreads está “root flipping” o “interlocking” – (video aquí). 

Es la verdad que no jomás está una buena idea para hacer root-flipping/interlocking con el cabello lacio. Este metodo creará agujeros terribles en sus dreads. 

Un metodo mejor (¡y la necessito un crochet hook menos que 0,8mm , que usted ya tiene!) para hacer sus raicez enredados está el “crochet hooking” regular. No conozco a un video con este metodo en español, pero yo hecho un video en ingles para mostrarla! está aquí 🙂 
Ojalá que la entiende, y que ayudale. 

¡Muchas gracias para leer nuestro blog!  
Espero que me entiende bien y que yo contesté a su pregunta bien.

I’ve had my dreads (and have many times before) for about 5 days. I really love them but i have a couple questions, Is it bad to have them kinda lose at the base? I dont really mind and kinda think its pretty that way but is it detrimental to the dread keeping shape? And there’s a few holes in them, should i fix them or just leave them?

Hello there.

It is normal for baby locks to be loose, and to be loose at the root. I am not sure what you mean by “holes.” If there are gaps of unlocked hair between sections of locked hair, they will likely lock themselves up in three months’ time. If they don’t, then after three months you can crochet hook them carefully and gently.

If you mean holes as in holes caused by flipping the dread through itself (“root flipping” etc), you should un-flip them right away. That type of looped hole through the dread does not go away on its own.

Note: Root flipping and interlocking are two different things. root flipping involves flipping a lock through its own root over and over in the same direction, causing a loop that likely will not lock up. Interlocking involves flipping a dread through its root at 12’o’clock, 3’o’clock, 6’o’clock, and 9’o’clock. Interlocking is most appropriate for folks with type 4 hair and/or very small locs like sisterlocs. It is not appropriate for folks with type 1 and 2 hair.

For the most part, your 5-day old dreads’ problems are going to mostly go away by the three month mark. Have patience and let the problems work themselves out. Your dreads’ shape will probably stay round. If you have thick dreads, they are more likely to flatten out a bit, which can be fixed in the early stages by palm rolling after your shower. Don’t do it too roughly or daily, but do it as needed to help any flat parts look a  bit more round. 🙂

The most maintenance you should do on baby dreads is daily separation of the dreads to encourage them to stay as single dreads and not to grow together and form combined chunky dreads. (However, there’s nothing wrong with thick locks! You just need to be very careful to help them dry completely.)

Please read our FAQ, and use our “search” bar to search certain topics like “maintenance” and “baby dreads” and “partial dreads” and “washing.” Arm yourself with knowledge to keep yourself and your hair happy!